How does an Administrator archive a profile/multiple profiles?

How does an Administrator archive a profile/multiple profiles?

When a member leaves the group, Operoo administrators can archive single or multiple profiles all at the same time. This means that  care profile owner will no longer be able to receive updates from the organisation or share their information with the organisation. Please find steps below:
  1. Login to Operoo.
  2. You can select the profile you want to archive by either searching for the profile name as shown below:


  1. selecting the profile ID by clicking on the profile as shown below. The profile will change colour to green when highlighted.

      3.Click the icon (three lines) seen above to expand the profile view.

      4.Choose the option" Archive this staff/student"

  1. Click the Actions menu and click advanced Actions. Then choose "Archive Selected Student/Staff"
   5.You should see a pop-up window that says" "Yes I understand and I am sure I would like to archive these student/staff.

 6.Hit the "Archive" button to complete

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