Logging into MyScout

Logging into MyScout

MyScout can be accessed through the the link on the Scouts SA website or directly to http://sa.myscout.com.au

The username for MyScout is your scout membership number.
The password is initially your date of birth dd/mm/yyyy.
MyScout will request that you change this when you first login to a password of your own choosing.

To set your password of choice MyScout will send an automated email with a link saying ‘Change my password’. Click on the link provided in the email to setup a new (and strong) password.
To protect personal information, MyScout requires a strong password. This will be prompted when members initially try and login to MyScout.

Suggestions for strong passwords
When you type a new password it will be evaluated to see if it qualifies as strong. Here are some suggestions for making a strong password.
Use a mix of capitals, lower case, numbers and symbols.
Use at least eight characters - twelve is better.
Names or characters from an email address will not be considered strong.
Phrases can be easier to remember.
Ideally three unrelated words separated with a hyphen. For example banana-surprise-mounted

Sometimes you can use a longer phrase with meaning such as: Mountain-climbing-is-Fun

A strength bar will appear once the member starts to type the new password. This bar will indicate the strength of the password and is required to go green and strong. If the bar is not green prompts will
appear for characters to be added to the password to make it strong.

If your password is accepted, it is considered strong.

A password is checked every time, so in time members may be asked to upgrade the password again as the definition of “secure” changes. If a password is not strong the member will receive an
automated email from MyScout with a link saying ‘Change my password’. Using this link, the member can update the password to strong.

If you need further help, please contact HQ by email to hq@sa.scouts.com.au
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