Online Youth Application Trial 2022

Online Youth Application Trial 2022

Scouts SA has developed and are implementing online Youth Applications from 2022.

Trial groups will intially start using this system, provide feedback on resources and guides before wider release during 2022.

When the QR code is scanned what loads?
When the QR code is scanned by a device it will load a page unique to your Scout Group that includes instructions as well as the Units in your Group.
The potential member then selects the Unit and completes the required information.

What if the potential member doesn’t have the ability to scan a code?
You may potentially consider obtaining a device for your Scout Group to facilitate this.
Most families should have the capability to do this in the current age (especially with COVID check-ins being required too).
If you need assistance resolving issues, please contact us.

Do I need to collect any other information?
Once the initial form is completed the member will show as an active trial member in MyScout. You shouldn’t need to collect any additional information.

What if the member doesn’t receive the emails?
If the emails don’t arrive, please contact – an incorrect email address may have been entered and we will be able to forward this to you for follow up.

What if the member doesn’t receive the emails?
If the emails don’t arrive, please contact – an incorrect email address may

What if the parent/guardian of the prospective youth member does not have an email address?
ABS statistics show 97% of all households with children under 15 have internet access at home. This age group also represents 95% of all new youth members. Where the parent/guardian genuinely has no email address the Group leader should speak with the prospective member about alternative options such as using the email of a trusted family member or helping them establish an email address.

Does the application capture details of more than one parent/guardian?
The application requires details of at least one parent/guardian. Additional parent/guardian details can be added by the applicant.

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